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1984 NBA Draft Jordan Bulls selected, cheap jordan shoes then open a glorious career, but if we can and 21-year-old Jordan dialogue, Jordan say? "I think I would say, when Jordan fearless, energetic, seems never know fatigue, after I became wiser, my talent will play out most vividly, cheap air jordans when I was 21 years old, and very much enjoy this sports, if I met a young myself, I would say, 'Take your time, treasure it all, because this happiness will soon disappear. cheap jordans "Jordan said the enthusiasm of Chinese fans reminded him of his playing time then.

Jordan basketball juniors also put forward a proposal, he said that for basketball, cheap jordans for sale the most important thing is love, "I think it is a passion for the sport, I think if you love what you are engaged in business, you will continuous efforts to become a leader, this is the most important thing, when I play, cheap retro jordans the fans can feel my passion, so this is the most essential point, only love, you will go to try to make their own change better. "

Since 2010, Jordan became the Hornets boss, the players period despite numerous feats, real jordans for cheap but as a boss, he found nothing, when it comes to the identity of the boss, Jordan said, "It's funny, I know that some owners and I am different, They did not play experience, so when we meet, cheap real jordans I can make recommendations from the players point of view, in order to influence the lives of the whole Union, it is very interesting, of course, I also learned a lot from them, such as how to conduct business operations, cheap jordans how to seize the opportunity, success, I give them more knowledge of basketball, they gave me the knowledge to provide commercial aspects. "

So what is the biggest challenge yet boss Joe? "It should be the new context, if the team record is good, cheap jordans free shipping everything is fine, but if the record is not good, then in business will be affected, I think we have such as sales, tickets and so has done very well, air jordans for cheap and now we need to build a competitive team, to drive it all, if you do, will achieve even greater success. "Jordan said.

Everyone is concerned about a problem, cheap jordan shoes and that is Michael Jordan in his capacity as boss when it will once again win the championship, to which Jordan hopes to attack within five years, "I do not know, I hope the sooner the better, we the team has a lot of star, the team record is getting better, cheap jordans online but the championship can not be met, if you ask me (when the win), I certainly hope that this year, of course, from a rational point of view, the team alsoWe need to keep learning, still very young, cheap authentic jordans they probably talented, but also need to continue to hone, and I hope that within the next five years, we are able to attack the championship. "

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2014 Oktoberfest

The Ellis and Rush County Volga German Society has hosted Oktoberfest in Hays, Kansas since 1972 in conjunction with the Fort Hays State University Homecoming activities. Beginning in 2012, the Ellis County Historical Society and Eagle Communications have added the Honor Our Heritage event to the vast list of activities for the weekend.

A community-wide effort, Oktoberfest has begun to expand to a larger heritage celebration. Friday, October 10, will continue as the day for the Oktoberfest celebration in Frontier Park. This will include tapping of the keg, traditional food vendors, fundraising t-shirt sales as well as family-friendly events with school-aged children participating with the Ellis County Historical Society and FHSU student athletes. These family-friendly morning activities will take place in an alcohol-free area of Frontier Park before the annual keg tapping.


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